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The clear glasses trend is a trend I’ve been dying to try for awhile. Not just for a hot second, but for at least a year. Now that I’ve got my hands on an updated prescription, I’ve been ordering glasses off Zenni Optical like they’re hotcakes! Ha!

The first time I heard of Zenni Optical was a at a wedding a few years ago when I was admiring a friend’s glasses. It was the end of the night, and my contacts were killing me. I desperately wished at that moment I had a pair of attractive glasses to wear all the time. That’s when my friend suggested, “Have you tried Zenni Optical? Their glasses are dirt cheap so you can order tons at one time. I have several different pairs so I can switch up my glasses depending on my mood that day. All you need is a prescription.”

Since that night, I’ve ordered numerous pairs through their website. Some look really good on my face, others not so hot. You just have to shop around and see what works for your face. I ideally wanted a larger pair of clear frames, but Zenni advised me that they were too big for my pupil distance, and I’ve learned to trust them in this matter. (I’ve decided to ignore them before when this warning pops up, and I couldn’t even wear the glasses because I was so incredibly nauseated!)

I ended up loving this pair! If you’re like me and wear glasses everyday, having a pair that you feel confident in is indispensable. So I highly recommend popping over to their site and shopping around! See what fits your cute little face!

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