Logan’s First Day of Kindergarten!

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This has been a HUGE week for our little family! Logan started Kindergarten on Tuesday, and I feel like it’s been a complete whirlwind of a week!

As many of you know, Logan didn’t go to preschool and he didn’t attend any sort of daycare previous to that either. So this was Logan’s first time “stretching his wings”, as it were. He is LOVING it! Mama on the other hand, is handling it… ok.

Tuesday was his first day. It only lasted for a total of one hour, plus Noah and I got to accompany him. He instantly hit it off with another hyper little girl and they just sat there giggling uncontrollably; it was actually quite fun to watch! Wednesday half of the class stayed home, and he was in that half.

Thursday, was his first “real day”. He went from 8:35-3:35 with half of the class. Noah and I both went to drop him off and I instantly became very anxious. It was pretty early and it was frigid cold, so Logan was a bit more disoriented than usual. He clung to us and didn’t want to join in his Kindergarten group. Eventually the teacher gathered all of them together to march into the school in a straight row. Logan was lagging behind and I had to literally push him in the line so he didn’t get left behind.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a worrier. Before ANY situation, I dissect every aspect of it: what I think it will look like, what it will be like, what could go wrong and how I can control it or prevent it. This was a scenario I couldn’t be apart of and had no control of. I was literally handing my precious ONLY child, over to the care of complete strangers.

As Noah and I walked away, my mind started to run wild. I went through all the horrible scenarios of what could go wrong while Logan was away from me: “What if no one wants to sit by him at lunch? What if he is too busy talking or laughing to eat lunch at all and is starving for the rest of the day? What if he loses the rest of his class and is wandering aimlessly through the halls sobbing, trying to find his way?”

We went right from his elementary school to a Doctor’s appointment I was taking Noah to. I cried the whole. way. there. The entire appointment I tried to pay attention, but was thinking of what Logan was doing. After that, we went to breakfast. The whole time we talked about how Logan was probably adjusting. After returning home, I tried to do some housework and maybe a little reading. I was so distracted, I reread the same pages over and over and over again.

Eventually the time came to pick him up from school. The children trickled out very slowly. Every time another kid would pop out that wasn’t Logan, I started to worry.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, all my worrying was in vain. That’s actually one of the bittersweet things about having every scenario already made up in your mind: it rarely ever goes as you imagine. It can be awful if you’ve made up your mind an event is going to go smashingly, and then you arrive and don’t know a soul and you wonder why you left home in the first place?!  However, if you’re a natural born worrier like me, things usually never go as bad as you think they will.

He came out, all smiles, and ran right to me. He jumped up and down excitedly telling me about everything he did, all the friends he made, and all the jokes he learned. He went to bed exhausted, with nonstop smiles, and kept talking about how happy he was to go again tomorrow. I dropped him off this morning at 8:30 and he ran right up to his friends and they all started jabbering on. His teacher told me how well he did yesterday and how he’s making new friends.

I’m not sure if every mom feels this way, or if it’s something exclusive to women who have only one child/a child who has never been apart from them before. But the idea of Logan leaving me has at times felt like more than I could bear. Seeing how well he’s adapting to being more independent is something that made me feel silly for worrying in the first place and so relieved to know he can do it now. To all the mama’s out there who are parting with their kids for the first time, I’m thinking of you and we’re all in this together.

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