Spring Lipstick Reviews

Have you all been thinking, “it’s so drab outside, I’m really craving color with my clothes and makeup!”? Lord knows I have. At this time of year I start to crave pastels and bright colors, especially with my blush and lipsticks. I’ve recently felt that my face is as dull as the weather, so the other day I popped out and picked up three fun lipstick colors to freshen up my face.

So my dull face is your good fortune! Before you buy any or all of these lipsticks, take a read through all my pros and cons of these lovely colors, and see what suits you!

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Too Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick // Shade: DREAM HOUSE

Last year in Florida I was in Ulta with my relatives and we were trying on some various shades of this lipstick. I really liked this color, dream house, and this month decided to finally buy it. Overall, it blends very easily with my natural lip color, which is a huge plus, and doesn’t feel heavy at all. I LOVE the color! I will also say, when on my lips, it feels similar to chapstick or vaseline. I’ll let you decide if that’s a positive or a negative to you; that was just my experience.


BUXOM Wildly Whipped Soft Matte Lip Color // Shade: Swinger

This color was gorgeous. I love me a rich, deep shade that makes me feel like a Bond girl. This was actually my very first matte lipstick! (I know, I’m way behind on the times!) I’ve tried my bestie’s matte lipsticks before and I’ve never truly been a fan. This one was different, however. Actually, if you look up reviews of this lipstick, multiple reviewers will complain that this lipstick never gets “Matte”. I’d have to agree. It is a fairly dry lipstick, but it never dries out my lips like other matte lipsticks I’ve tried. I actually seen this as a positive and not a negative. I thoroughly enjoyed the consistency of this matte lipstick and will probably buy other shades of this lipstick, if that helps your decision.


Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss // Shade: Candy

This one was my favorite of the three. I’ve been looking for a “strawberry shade” that’s been so popular with all the young-ins for awhile now. I never found one that didn’t make me feel like a clown. Until this lipstick, that is. This shade is exactly the strawberry color all of us have been looking for. It also has a very thick, sticky consistency that I like with glossy colors to help hydrate my lips. I actually have no downsides to this lip gloss, this color is gorgeous and stays on well! So make sure you take your time and apply it perfectly, and it will reward you with staying on for hours! I will DEFINITELY be buying more of this lipstick.


Shirt: Old J. Crew, similar HERE // Nail Color: Essie’s Mint Candy Apple

Disclaimer: this post is my personal opinion and I was not compensated by any companies that may or may not be mentioned. Likewise, I was not compensated by any companies linked above. 

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