Wendy Bird Dress

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MY OUTFIT: WENDY BIRD DRESS (past season, similar here, here and one under $40 here!) // TOPSHOP SHOES // KATE SPADE PURSE // ANN TAYLOR NECKLACE (similar here) // FRANCESCAS BRACELETS // 89th AND MADISON CARDIGAN (similar here)

LOGAN OUTFIT: JANIE AND JACK PANTS, VEST, AND BLAZER (blazer currently sold out) //SECOND HAND SHOES & TIE // JANIE AND JACK HAT (very similar here)


Hi guys!

Sorry it’s been a minute since I blogged last, we’ve thoroughly been enjoying spring break over here! But now things have quieted down and we’re getting back into a routine, so I thought this would be a good time to post an outfit I wore about a week and a half ago.

I’m not sure if you and your family have an occasions when you are required to dress up, but I have several tried and true stores that I return to time and time again when I need something special. ModCloth is one of those stores for myself, and Janie and Jack is where I get most of Logan’s special occasion clothing. Unfortunately, this dress is no longer sold at ModCloth, but look above for some very similar dress that I linked for y’all!

Logan’s vest and pants are still at Janie and Jack, and frankly, I think that’s a cute look all by itself without a blazer! Little boys look so cute all dressed up in suits and ties, that it can be easy to go waaaaayy overboard with spending. So make sure you always check the sales tab on Janie and Jack‘s website: they usually have a past season suit for a fantastic steal!

Disclaimer: this post is my personal opinion and I was not compensated by any companies that may or may not be mentioned. Likewise, I was not compensated by any companies linked above. 

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