Long Burgundy Cardigan

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LOFT PEASANT DRESS // AMERICAN EAGLE CARDIGAN (From Marshalls, similar here, here, and here) // KC JAGGER BUCKET BAG (Less expensive similar here) // RESTRICTED BOOTIES // D&Y PANAMA HAT (Very similar here) // CHARMING CHARLIE WATCH (Old, similar here).


So do you guys remember this peasant dress from a blog post last month? I decided to give it a remix for fall! I like getting as much use out of my clothes as possible, so I try to stretch them from season to season as best as I can.

Normally I wouldn’t wear a white cotton dress in the fall, because I’d feel kinda silly, you know? But I decided to try it with a long burgundy cardigan, and some fall accessories to see how it would turn out. I ended up being pleasantly surprised myself at how seasonally appropriate it looked!

I just happened to find a cardigan the exact shade of burgundy as my dress, when I was browsing through Marshalls. What are the chances?! On that note, I’d like to take a moment to say if there is something you’re looking for in particular, check out Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. I end up finding almost everything in my closet (and home!) at one of those two stores. It’s unfortunately impossible to link things to those two stores because of their fluctuating inventory, so at times I have to link it to a store that will charge double what I paid. The bottom line is, ALWAYS CHECK MARSHALLS AND T.J. MAXX. I was not sponsored in any way for my opinion, I’ve just found their prices exemplary.

Disclaimer: this post was my personal opinion and I was not compensated by any companies that may or may not be mentioned. Likewise, I was not compensated by any companies linked above.

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