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If you’re at all like me, sometimes you’re running around completely disheveled and need to look presentable in a hurry. Well don’t worry, I have come equipped to share my easy peasy solution with you all!

At this time of the year, you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress + a denim jacket. It always looks so polished and presentable. If you’re darting around in air conditioned stores that can be chilly, you’ll be happy you have a light jacket. But, if you get too toasty you can pop the jacket off without any worries!

For an even more polished look that requires an additional minute of forethought, wear cute shoes and a stylish scarf (keep one by the door so you can just pop it on). Now, if you want to be OVER-THE-TOP put together while rushing around- own a statement bag that doesn’t require any thought. You just naturally grab your purse, you don’t think about what it looks like. So think about it while purchasing a bag at the store, and you wont have to think about it coordinating outfits later.

This particular bag I found on clearance in-store. I highly recommend popping into your local Saks Off Fifth and seeing what colors they have in stock. (One downside of this bag, however, is that it’s sorta a black hole that things get lost in because it’s so big). If you like to have things monogrammed, like myself, I recommend finding a local embroidery shop that you can work with. I spent half a day hunting around my area before I found a shop that was willing to monogram my items off the street and NOT in bulk. For about $5-$10 depending on the item, I can personalize anything I own! I take my items to Creative Embroidery, but I’m sure if you don’t live in area, you can find a local one for you!

Disclaimer: This post in my own personal opinion and I was not compensated by any companies that may or may not be mentioned. Likewise, I was not compensated by any companies linked above.

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