Navy and Pink Outerwear

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OUTFIT DETAILS: MICHAEL KORS COAT (similar here) // KATE SPADE PURSE // DRAPER JAMES MITTENS // HUNTER BOOTS (similar here) // ANN TAYLOR LEGGINGS // COLLECTION EIGHTEEN HAT (similar here + matching mittens here!) // 14th AND UNION SCARF (similar here)


Do you own several outerwear outfits? I do, and for me that’s practical. We live in Michigan, which means it’s cold from mid-fall to mid-spring. I enjoy having, but by no means MUST have, several different options of outerwear to make winters less boring and dreary. And hey, our winters last a loooong time. If you’re like me, and your local climate requires you to live in coats all winter long, you mind as well get yourself an outfit that is perfect for you and your needs.

To anyone who is purchasing new outerwear, some easy-peazy ways to always look like the fashionista of your town:

1. Have a plan.

Don’t dart out all willy-nilly. Sit your booty down and figure out how much you can spend on the whole package. Have in mind your budget, what you’re willing to spend on each item, and what sort of quality and appearance you’re looking for.

2. Start with your coat.

The hardest piece of the puzzle is solved once you get your coat. It will be the most expensive (well, that and boots), hardest to find the right fit, and most difficult to find in terms of “cuteness”. After the coat, get your winter boots. My three favorite coats that I have in constant rotation are navy, gray, and black. So even though I normally grab black boots, I went with gray this year to go with every coat. After these two are knocked out, your scarf, gloves, and hat will be the fun part.

3. Take your time.

You probably will not find exactly what you have in mind the first time you go looking. DON’T SETTLE. More than I’d like to admit, I’m guilty of grabbing something on the sale rack because “it’s such a great deal!” and then it sits collecting dust in my closet. Remember, it’s not a good deal if you don’t use it; it’s wasted money. Be patient, and try hard to keep within the color scheme, quality, and budget you had in mind. Remember: a single put together outfit is worth far more than many disheveled pieces.

Now you’re all set! Happy hunting and tag me in your winter wardrobe pictures on Instagram so I can see the cute stuff y’all are buying up!

Disclaimer: this post is my personal opinion and I was not compensated by any companies that may or may not be mentioned. Likewise, I was not compensated by any companies linked above.

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