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HALOGEN CASHMERE SWEATER // LOFT CORDUROY PANTS // BLANKET SCARF (sold out online, but I’ve seen it at Marshalls, T.J. MAXX, and Burlington Coat Factory) // KATE SPADE PURSE // HUNTER BOOTS (purchased second hand on eBay, but similar here)


It’s December first, which means sludge season is about to be in full swing! It also means my rain boots will be in nonstop rotation.

I wish I knew more about the details of these boots, but unfortunately, I purchased them second hand on eBay. I’m not positive, but these fit more like Hunter Tour Boots, often called “packable boots”, as they aren’t quite as stiff as my other Hunter boots. I decided to get these second hand, mostly because I wanted these particular shade of pink, which Hunter is not selling in stores right now. Currently, Hunter has two deep pink choices: here and also these here for $99! They also have light pink, all of which are absolutely lovely. Quite different, but I’m also drooling over this mint color linked here!

I was really looking for some of the bubble gum pink ones, because I felt like they complimented more things in my wardrobe. I was so happy I found them! Overall, I’m very happy with purchasing these. I would say, however, if you’re someone with meatier calves, like myself, these will be snug on your legs. For instance, if I’ve been working out my legs prior to wearing these, I can only wear them with leggings, I can’t even fit jeans in them. This is the case with both of my Hunters. If you have a wider calf, I would recommend going with the Huntress Boot. There’s many cute color options if you search around, so there’s need to feel like you’re missing out!

If, however, you’re thinking, “This girl is crazy, I’m not spending $150 on rain boots”, more power to you. I found these boots here in an extremely similar color to mine, and at half the price. I get it, rain boots are a frivolous thing. No one should ever feel like they have to purchase designer shoes to keep water off their feet. But in my opinion, rain boots don’t wear out. That’s why you see your 75 year old neighbor gardening in her backyard with the same boots she’s had since she was 35. When it comes to making lifelong investments, there is a time to splurge and a time to save. Obviously, each person just needs to decide for themselves.

I happen to love the colors Hunter boots come in, and most importantly, they are extremely comfortable. This is a huge selling point for me, as I have extremely temperamental feet. For reference, both of my feet were covered in blisters from wearing flats for a total of 8 blocks while in Europe earlier this year. I wore these very boots for two days straight after that while walking miles around Italy. They gave my feet room and didn’t bother my blisters at all! I was so grateful I had the foresight to bring them, as they saved my life and our trip.

Disclaimer: this post is my personal opinion and I was not compensated by any companies that may or may not be mentioned. Likewise, I was not compensated by any companies linked above.

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