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THE NORTH FACE COAT (old, similar here) // UGG BOOTS // KATE SPADE BAG (old, cute new version here!) //  WINTER HEADBAND (similar here) // WINTER SCARF // WINTER GLOVES (old, similar here)


Happy weekend folks!

Let me start by saying, I’ve tossed and turned over showing you guys this outfit. This is my most “real me” outfit. I’m wearing my warmest coat, comfiest boots, most “mom” mom-bag, and wearing the glasses I wear everyday of my life. However, despite the fact that I look like a straight-up obese monster, this outfit is a dream on cold days! I wear this entire outfit probably 65-75% of the time when exiting my house. This coat is so warm and toasty, and I’ve had it for 6 years!

Next winter I’m probably going to need a new one, because it’s starting to look a little worn out (as Noah so kindly reminds me whenever I go out in it). And on that note, Noah and I have discussed many times how early on in our marriage this was a large investment for a struggling young couple. But after 6 years of owning it, both of us said it turned out to be a fantastic investment because of how much I’ve used it. Also, I really want to point that out because I have gotten so much use out of this coat, I’ll more than likely turn to an updated version of this coat for next winter. (I’m peeping this long style for my next purchase!)

If you’re shopping around for a quality coat/boots that will last you for a good amount of years, I’ve found The North Face & UGG products to be tried and true. It is a splurge, but if you live in a cold climate, it kinda makes sense, you know? Plus! Both brands carry a wide array of different styles and colors to choose from!

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